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Kalpavriksha Dare to Dream Big

Kalpavriksha is a corporate skill training institute focusing on helping students and graduates discover their potential and excel in their careers.

Who We Are?

Kalpavriksha, a renowned corporate skill training institute, offers guidance and mentorship to students and 12th-grade wanderers in career development. As a guide, we provide wisdom, skills, and guidance to help them overcome professional challenges and achieve success.

Why You Choose Us

Ready to Shape your future? Choose us and uncover a universe of Benefits!

Personalized Counselling

We learn about each candidate's skills and passions to serve them best.

Industry-Relevant Training

Our area experts helped shape our curriculum to give you an advantage in the job market.

Comprehensive Career Support

From skill-building to resume writing and interview preparation, we provide complete assistance to kickstart your career.

Vision & Mission


A world where every individual has the right skills to achieve career aspirations and enrich lives.


We empower students to become destinies architects through transformative skill training and tailored career guidance.

Team Of Experts

Meet Our Passionate and Expert Instructors


Solar Engineer

Jhon Wilson


Lio Farnandes

Solar Technician

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