Google Ads: How Its Work and Its Benefits

Google Ads: How Its Work and Its Benefits

Google Ads are a great source of promotional tools used by a large number of businesses. You all must have once, or like me, multiple times, might have clicked on Google Ads while searching a query. Google Ads are sometimes seen on the top of the page and sometimes at the bottom of the page. Here, we are going to discover how Google Ads work and what are its benefits. Learning about Google Ads will be helpful to you when you want to make one for your website too.

Table of Content

  1. Google Ads: How Its Work and Its Benefits

1.1 What are Google Ads?

1.2 Why Advertise on Google?

1.3 Why do Google Ads Appear on the SERP?

1.4 Google Ads terms to know

1.5 How Does Google Ads Work?

1.6 Google Ads Benefits

2. Conclusion

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are products that can be used for promotion of the product or services, providing awareness about the product, and increasing the traffic on the website. Google Ads are managed in online mode, which makes it easier to change the text related to the ad and make changes anytime and create an ad.

Google Ads are a pay-per-click source through which one limits the spending amount on the promotion campaign of the product. Pay-per-click means that the payment by the company is to be made as per the clicks that their content gets when a search is made. There are no minimum spending limits. You can set the maximum payment amount for your ads; however, it usually costs less. 

Companies looking to expand their product reach should opt for Google ads.

Why Advertise on Google?

If we look at the data for a moment, around 8.5 billion searches are done on Google daily. Out of this, 63% of people say that they are willing to open a Google Ad. Why do you think that is? Here are some of the reasons why companies advertise on Google:

  • It’s the credibility that Google carries that makes people open the ads that appear.
  • Google Ads are the best way for lead generation; if the ads are designed with caution, it results in attracting the targeted audience to the website.
  • Making ads and editing the content is easier on Google as it is all done online.
  • On Google Ads, you can set the maximum amount you are willing to pay for your ads, so deciding the budget is easier.

Why do Google Ads Appear on the SERP?

First, let’s understand what SERP is. It stands for Search Engine Results Page. It is the page that appears after doing a search for a specific word or any keyword phrase. Google Ad uses a keyword approach that is used for its products or the keywords that might be used while looking for your product. When Google Ads are created, they decide the positive keywords, which, when searched will show your ads on the result page. 

Two types of Google Ads appear, the first being paid advertising, where you set a budget for the Google Ads and will only have to pay as per the clicks you get on your ads. The second is organic research results; the websites with related content appear that have related content on their result page when a keyword search is done. Google Ads have received 65% clicks on the paid ads and 35% on the organic results. 

Google Ads terms to know

Before you jump ahead to make Google Ads here are some common terms that you need to know

  • Keywords: The words or word phrases that you choose for your Google ads that, when searched by the customers, make your ad appear are the keywords. The content you write is also based on the  keywords that you choose for your ads.
  • Campaign:  A campaign can be referred to as the organizer of Google ads because it is used to organize categories of products and services and can different campaigns anytime from your Google account.
  • Campaign Type: Campaign type decides, where your ads will appear. You can choose and remove where you want to make your ads show up. 
  1. Search network only (ads appear only on Google search)
  2. Display network only also known as adsence (ads appear on the websites, videos, blogger and more)
  3. Search network with display connect (combination of search and display)
  • Ad Groups: Ad groups are targeting methods with a particular objective for the same campaign. It can be done through keywords selection, budget decisions, and discount options for the product to be promoted.
  • Impression: Impression means how many times your ads are shown.
  • Ad Rank: Ad rank determines the value calculated with the help of quality score that helps to decide where on the page your ad will be shown. 

How Does Google Ads Work?

  • Advertisers create ads based on the keywords. Through bidding it means they are telling Google about the keywords for which their ads will show up. 
  • When someone searches on Google also known as query the ads that are similar to what they are looking for appears. 
  • The ads are ranked to determine where on the page will they show up.
  • The ads are choosed on the basis of relevance of content with the keywords.
  • The potential customer clicks on the ads or on the websites that appear on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Google Ads Benefits

Google Ads is a great way to target the audience. Advertising through Google have certain benefits as stated below

  • Google Ads allow you to categorise the audience to make your ad more for relevant to the target audience.
  • Google Ads are helpful in reaching a vast audience that helps your product to increase its reach in the market
  • Google Ads makes it possible for you to target your ads with the help of keywords.
  • Through Google Ads you only have to make the payment for the resulted clicks that were gained by your ad.
  • Google Ads are advertised across several platforms providing you an extra edge over your competitors.
  • Google Ads measure your ads performance with that of the other when its rank on the result page. 


Google Ads are helpful to reach new customers, and ensure the old ones get the advantage of knowing about any new product that is to be launched. Google ads also add credibility to your ads as they are ranked on the basis of your quality score, which helps in making new changes and improve your ads. Google ads are a source of providing you with a platform where you can create a reach for your product via ads that are played on numerous platforms. Google ads are cost-efficient and available to people all around the world, thus making your product or services famous worldwide.

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