Free Google Ads Course In Ludhiana

Free Google Ads Course In Ludhiana

Are you ready to start a career in Digital Marketing and advertising? Are you looking forward to starting your freelancing by promoting other businesses and products? If yes, then Google Ads is the perfect tool for you to begin with. People who are using Google Ads course in Ludhiana have had great success in their careers at the present time. In Ludhiana, out of many institutions, Kalpavriksha Academy offers quality education for people like you who want to establish their career in Marketing and advertising. In this article, we will discuss the Google Ads course in Ludhiana in detail.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google-developed software that helps in advertising online portals, like YouTube, websites, and apps. This online portal works on the principle of pay-per-click (PPC). This tool can be the highest-performing online advertising platform that can exponentially increase your popularity and conversions. 

How can it promote a Business?

As discussed prior, this works on the PPC model. This tool can be beneficial for a business in many ways:

  • Using this tool, you can reach your target audience in just fractions of seconds and increase the chances of authentic buyers navigating towards your website.
  • Google Ads can instantly increase your visibility. This immediate outbreak can increase your chances of appearing on the top of SERPs.
  • The dashboard of this tool offers various insights into your campaign that can help you track your ads and their conversion rate.
  • This tool reduces dependency on others for the advertisement of your brand. Also provides you flexibility in both budget and working hours. 

How to become Google Ads certified?

To become a Google Ads certified, you must follow the following steps:

  • A free set of study materials including a Google Ads Certification study guide is provided by Google.
  • After gaining knowledge, you need to pass the exam to become Google Ads certified. There are two exams, one is the Google Ads Fundamentals exam and the other is an additional exam for advertising a product.
  • After becoming certified, you need to practice more by creating ad campaigns and advertising products to gain experience and become professional.
  • You must keep yourself up-to-date with the industry trends as they affect the campaign strategy.

But this provides no support to assist your queries. Hence you must opt for the right Google Ads course that provides all the facilities. 

The course structure of Google Ads Course in Ludhiana

A Google Ads course has a vast course consisting of many elements that are required to be mastered to become a professional online advertiser. While searching for a course in Ludhiana or any city, you must keep in mind that these points are covered:

  • A basic introduction to Google Ads along with the algorithm and technology of operating it.
  • The proper guide must be provided to create an account at Google Ads and how to create, run, and analyze an Ad Campaign on Google Ads.
  • The course must provide knowledge on how to search for the optimum keywords and use them to target your audience in a much easier way.
  • You must be informed on how to read and analyze the insights and overall performance of your Ads along with a set of rules to reduce the chances of failures.
  • The course must include how to add extensions and use different Ad formats.
  • The course must guide how to set goals and how to run your ad according to your budget and get maximum returns.

Scope and job opportunities after Google Ads course in Ludhiana 

As all businesses want their online presence, they want experts who can promote their e-commerce and attract more clients. So to cater to such business, the scope in this field is very vast and includes:

  • First is becoming a Digital Marketing Specialist in which you manage Google Ads campaigns and all the strategies to promote the business.
  • Next is the Marketing Manager where you can manage all the marketing activities of a brand on online platforms.
  • With adequate experience, you can become a PPC specialist and focus on campaign optimization.
  • You can also work as a freelancer by managing small-scale projects and even promoting your brand.
Google Ads Course in Ludhiana

Ludhiana has a variety of businesses that are well established and want to develop an online customer base. These businesses require skilled professionals who can divert more traffic to their e-commerce websites. Ludhiana has several institutions which offer a dedicated course for Google Ads. Here many youngsters can fulfill their dreams and become professionals. Out of many institutions, Kalpavriksha Academy has proven to be the best institution that offers many courses including 

Google Ads Course that can help in building your personality and overall career.

Benefits of opting for the Google Ads course in Ludhiana from Kalpavriksha Academy

In Ludhiana, Kalpavriksha Academy has proven to be a rising star in the education industry offering multiple career-building courses that include Google Ads Course. Kalpavriksha Academy has many facilities that it provides to its students which are mentioned below:

  • Kalpavriksha Academy has one of the best teams of coaching Instructors in Ludhiana to guide their students having real-world experience in Google Ads.
  • You are provided with a customized training module according to your learning pace and skill set.
  • This course provides both theoretical and practical approaches to learning for its students to learn Google Ads much more efficiently.
  • Kalpavriksha Academy has strong networks in the Industry that help in job placements of its students.
  • This institution helps in qualifying interview rounds by assisting in resume making and overall confidence building of the students.

In Ludhiana, multiple businesses want to spread their clientele across the internet and want to advertise their products. For this, professionals are highly demanded to fulfill their needs. Kalpavriksha Academy delivers such well-trained professionals and experts in their fields. With quality material all time support, Kalpavriksha Academy has provided best-in-class education to all its students and guides them to make a glorious career ahead. 


1.Does Kalpavriksha Academy Google Ads course cover all the topics I need in this field? 

Ans.- Yes, it covers all sorts and domains of knowledge related to Google Ads 

2. What educational background do you need to enroll for a Google Ads course? 

Ans.- People from any educational background can enroll in this course. 

3. Can students apply for this course who have no prior knowledge of Google Ads? 

Ans. – Yes, they can start from scratch with the help of these courses. 

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