Personality Development and Communication Skills

Personality Development and Communication Skills

Personality Development is the characteristic way of thinking, feeling, and behaving that makes up a person’s unique personality emerges over time. Many factors contribute to your personality like genetics, how you were parented, the environment you grew up in and societal variables. The way we communicate with people on a daily basis speaks a lot about our personality, then again not all are born with exceptional communication skills. Few of us have to learn how to communicate better. In this article, we provide you with a complete guide to Personality Development and communication skills so you can put your best foot ahead.

What is Personality Development and Its Importance?

Personality Development refers to the process where organized thinking and behavior patterns of a person make up the personality which is seen over time. There are two key parts of a person’s personality, the first being the temperament of the person which is determined by the inherited traits. The second one is a character that is influenced by experience and social learning and is always growing and changing. 

  • Personality Development grooms a person and helps him leave his mark.
  • Personality Development helps reduce conflicts in the long run.
  • Personality Development helps in developing your inner self as well.
  • Personality Development helps you introduce positive qualities in yourself.

What are Communication Skills and their Importance?

Communication skills are the abilities that a person uses to share their thoughts with another person. Communication is not considered to be done unless what you want to say is also understood at the same time. It happens both ways. Therefore, the ability to convey a message that results in being understood is known as communication skills.

  • Communication helps in expressing yourself to others.
  • People with better communication skills have impressive personalities.
  • Effective communication helps to strengthen the bond among individuals. 
  • Effective communication helps other people understand you better.

Self-development and Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are used by us in our daily lives to interact and build relationships with others. These specific qualities and abilities enable you to grow both personally and professionally. Interpersonal skills include skills like listening, speaking clearly, and reading the signals that others send and interpreting them to form effective responses.

Interpersonal skills help you in Self-Development. These skills increase your potential, help you navigate difficult situations, and aid you in achieving your career goals. 

Importance of Communication in Personal Development

Communication skills are helpful in the Personality Development of an individual. Here are some important points of communication in Personal Development

  • Helps in building stronger relationships: Communication allows us to form and maintain relationships, exchange thoughts, and ideas, and feel connected to one another.
  • Problem-solving: Effective communication helps to ensure that problem-solving can be done by allowing people to express their thoughts and suggestions on possible solutions.
  • Development of listening skills: Listening also means being able to read body language, tone of voice and facial expressions.
  • Makes you more confident: Listening to other people’s opinions, and making them feel appreciated also in turn builds your confidence.  
  • Raise a better leader: Effective communication is necessary for developing as a leader. It is important as a leader not only to share your knowledge but also to listen to the concerns of others. 

Personal Qualities of a Good Communicator

A good communicator is someone who can communicate the information as well as urge the audience for a response. Here are some personal qualities a good communicator must have

  • Good listener: A good communicator should also be a good listener to address the concerns of people which also helps in building relationships.  
  • Concise: A good communicator should be direct and clear so that the message is conveyed easily.
  • Observant: A good communicator should be observant and aware of non-verbal communication as well. 
  • Appreciative: A good communicator should be appreciative of their team and the people helping him.
  • Sincere: A good communicator should also be sincere about his own feelings which helps in building trust and respect.  
Personal Development Skills in the workplace

Personal Development skills help you navigate difficult situations and take steps for the betterment of your career. Some Personal Development skills that one must have in the workplace

  • Integrity: To do the right thing no matter what the situation is integrity. A person with integrity is more trustworthy, can communicate easily, and admit when they are wrong.
  • Interpersonal skills: One must be aware of the social, verbal, and non-verbal cues. Strong interpersonal skills help in understanding people and situations better.
  • Work ethics: One must have strong moral principles regarding their work.
  • Problem-solving: Problem-solving means to correctly identify a challenge, analyse it and provide an effective solution.
  • Adaptability: Adaptability means to adjust and make changes in one’s actions and environment to better suit a new situation.
Importance of Communication Skills in the Workplace

Efficient communication in the workplace is really important for the growth of your career. Here are some key points why communication skills are important in the workplace

  • Better engagement: Efficient communication helps in engaging with the people in the workplace promoting employee productivity.
  • Increased morale: When people are able to understand their role better in the team, they put in more effort towards their work and encourage others as well which improves morale.
  • Greater loyalty: When people are treated well and are valued as an individuals, they are more likely to be loyal.
  • Fewer workplace conflicts: Open communication between people at the workplace helps in avoiding workplace conflicts.
  • Greater motivation: If the flow of communication is open, it’s easy to motivate the people for their work.


Having communication skills is extremely important in every phase of life, especially in the workplace. Having better communication skills is also related to the Personal Development of a person, as it helps in their individual growth as much as their professional growth. Communication skills are helpful in many ways in the workplace, which has resulted in the career growth of the person as well as the team. Better communication helps us understand the non-verbal cues as well which helps connect with people and earn their trust. Thus it is safe to say that developing communication skills is the Personal Development of a person and serves long-term benefits.

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