The SEO Conversion Funnel

The SEO Conversion Funnel

SEO Conversion Funnel Definition

SEO conversion funnel is about the process of optimizing the website to grow its performance of it and to grow the attraction of the customers towards the website and also about providing them with proper information and awareness on the topic they want to know.

SEO conversion funnel provides accurate information and guides the customer with the purchasing details which are about where to purchase and how to purchase and the advantages and disadvantages too.

This will build trust and will grow more customers who will be loyal too which will lead to maximizing the success rates of the website.


The SEO sales funnel have some of the particular stages which are :


➔ Awareness

➔ Interest

➔ Decision

➔ Action

➔ Loyalty


The awareness stage of seo sales funnels is about to spread and increasing the visibility of the website and to draw the maximum attention to the customers and grow the traffic on the website.

This is about spreading awareness of the product or services that the customer is willing to buy and guides the customer with purchasing.

Awareness mainly focusing on optimizing the website performance with high-quality proper content.


The interest stage of SEO sales funnel is about seizing the interest of the customers after visiting the website by providing unique and eye-catching content with proper relevancy.

The whole concept of increasing the interest of the customer by using some good techniques and strategies like attractive graphics and content on the landing page of the website.

The interest of the customer can also increase if you are able to build trust and loyalty then the customer will rely on the website only.


The decision stage is one of the important stages that guides the customer and helps the customer to make the proper decision about the particular product and service.

By providing good information and data on the product and services and by showing the ratings and reviews to the customer it will lead the customer to make better decision making.


The action stage of the SEO sales funnel is about captivating the customer and help the customer to make a purchase by providing surveys and ratings and reviews with actual details.

This action is also known as call to action that will be provided on the landing pages for the customer to make the purchase easy and comfortable.


The loyalty stage is a really important stage because in this we have to secure the customer in the websites for a really long time period while making strong bonds.

For this we need to make a really good positive impression with easy purchasing decisions which will lead them to do more support.

The interest and loyalty will stay if we provide the customer with regular bumper offers and great services and instant responses.

SEO Sales Funnel Best Practices

SEO sales funnel best practices is about the performing of the techniques with high level strategies to optimize and also take the websites performance to the next level.

SEO conversion funnel follows some of the best practices which includes.

➔ Determine the target audience

➔ Consistent branding

➔ Be straightforward.

Determine the target audience

This is about understanding the following interests, behavior and needs of the audience.

Researching on the ideal kind of customer that is specifically suitable for the particular promotion.

Providing them proper information and securing their attention with the emotions.

It is also essential because after understanding the audience’s core values we can provide them with customizable advice and help.

Consistent branding

Consistent branding is essential because this is the way through which the business will become known among the audience and through which sales will be boosted rapidly.

Consistent branding with patience will build trust and loyalty among the audience and it will give the business a high growth with a proper identity.

Be straightforward

It is really important to be straightforward in this journey with building a high amount of trust and also to get in touch with the existing customers.

The content and details you are providing need to be user friendly ,easy to understand and unique with good kinds of transparency levels which also have a touch of materiality.

This thing doesn’t need to be complicated so just that need to avoid and getting more straightforward will be a better strategy.

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