Advanced WordPress Development Course in Ludhiana

Need to more about Advanced WordPress Development Course in Ludhiana

Do you know what WordPress is? WordPress is an open source that allows you to create your website in the simplest manner. Now the question coming to your head must be if it’s simple do I really need the course? Let me put your mind at ease, even though WordPress is easy to use, it still requires skills to create a quality website. To learn these necessary skills there is a WordPress development course in Ludhiana offered by Kalpavriksha Academy. Our training is modeled for individuals at every stage of their career, from recent graduates to professionals seeking jobs in a new career. In this article, we will learn about WordPress Development. 

What is WordPress Development?

Before we get all technical do you know as of 2022, there are around 1.3 billion websites on the internet out of which approximately 708 million sites use WordPress. WordPress is an important tool that is used to build websites and offers a flexible and attractive solution for developers to make a quality website. WordPress development course in Ludhiana offers you 

With the help of WordPress development, you can build different types of websites some of which are:

  • Blogs
  • E-commerce stores
  • Membership websites
  • Business websites
  • Forum websites
  • E-learning websites
  • Event websites
  • Professional portfolios
  • Wedding websites

Synopsis of the WordPress Development Course in Ludhiana 

WordPress development course in Ludhiana offers you the knowledge on how to customize your website as per the needs of your business. By learning customization of themes and posts you get the advantage of being unique from the rest. The WordPress development course covers a wide range of topics that are helpful when you practically apply your skills to real-life projects.

Here are some key topics that are covered in this course:

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Themes in WordPress
  • Menu and widgets
  • Plugins in WordPress
  • User management
  • Creating pages and posts
  • General reading and writing setting
  • Designing your website
  • Content creation in WordPress
  • Finishing up the basics

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Benefits of the WordPress Development Course In Ludhiana

WordPress is a tool that is useful in creating a website. Benefits that you get from this course:

  • It helps you to Improve your skills
  • With a WordPress development course, you get a chance for career advancement 
  • It helps you meet people who have the same interests as you are useful in networking opportunities
  • With WordPress development course, you get to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends
  • Through this course, you can develop new skills
  • This course makes you well-versed in WordPress which as a result boosts your job security

Why is WordPress Development important?

In recent times, WordPress has become the most popular web development platform. With its intuitive interface and flexibility, it allows users to develop their websites efficiently. WordPress development is important for creating a quality website. 

Some of the reasons why WordPress development is important are:

  • WordPress builds websites by keeping search engines and SEO in mind. 
  • It has built-in responsive website designs from which you can choose from.  
  • With WordPress, you can make your website mobile-friendly. 
  • WordPress makes the website easily accessible from anywhere in the world all you need is an internet connection. 
  • It helps to make updates easily on a regular basis. 
  • With WordPress, you get a lot of design options.
  • It offers you flexibility as you get to choose from a lot of theme options. 
  • WordPress offers you speed and convenience.

Why enroll in a WordPress Development Course in Ludhiana?

WordPress development course in Ludhiana offers you knowledge on how to design websites with the help of interfaces and themes provided by WordPress. Through this course, you learn how to develop dynamic WordPress websites, and how to create blogs with design, functionality and customization.

Here are some reasons why you should enroll in a WordPress development course:

  • This course is beneficial in developing your practical skills that help you gain practical experience and build a strong portfolio.
  • With the help of this course, you are prepared for the evolving job market and improve your skills. 
  • This course is helpful in doing holistic development by improving creativity, enhancing problem-solving attitude and making you a team player. 
  • Through this course, you get to create recognition for your industry by joining a highly sought-after professional league.

Why Choose Kalpavriksha Academy?

We at Kalpavriksha Academy believe in helping individuals reach their full potential and equip them with the necessary skills for success. Our mission is to offer superior education, training, and job placement for student success. 

Here are some features of our course that set us apart from others:

  • We offer you an online live batch that offers real-time instructions from the instructors and gives you a chance to have open discussions, allowing questions and feedback to be offered without hesitation. 
  • Through our course, you will be offered a review class that is helpful in improving your understanding of concepts, practicing for exams and reviewing concepts. 
  • With our course, you get career placement support where you are taught how to build your resume, improve your interview skills and improve your connections with the employer.
  • Through our course, you get a chance to do a virtual internship, which gives you experience of real-world projects and enhances your skills.
  • We offer you lifetime support with our course through which you get the help of experts in your job search, and placement opportunity and also gain insights about the market. 

How to connect with us?

WordPress development course teaches you how to construct a website and the necessary skills you need to become proficient developers in the field. To get enrolled in our WordPress Development Program at Kalpavriksha Academy you can get in touch with us

Phone no.: +91 9818703454



WordPress is the most widely used source for creating a website for any business. It offers you a lot of built-in options that are useful in making the website more user-friendly and interactive. Through the WordPress development course in Ludhiana, you learn how to use WordPress and create a customized website as per the needs of your business. We at Kalpavriksha Academy offer you a revolutionary program that helps you with the skills and knowledge to build high-performing websites that stand out in the digital landscape. So take the first step towards your desired career with us. 


  • What is the duration of your WordPress development course?

The duration of our WordPress development course is 6 months.

  • Is your course available online?

Yes, our course is available online. 

  • Do you provide job placement opportunities?

Yes, we provide job placement opportunities to our students after the completion of their course.


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