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Google Ads Program

Kalpavriksha Academy offers a revolutionary Google Ads journey with our team of Marketing experts. They inspire you to take on the digital world with confidence. Join us today to embark a evolving Google Ads journey.

Google Ads Program Overview

Google Ads is a pay-per-click platform for product- and service based businesses. It allows advertisers to create and manage targeted ads on Google’s search results and other platforms. Boost your website traffic, which helps attract customers to improve sales and brand recognition.

Google Ads

Get Training From Expert

Duration: 6 Months

Limited Seat Available

What You Learn in This program ?

Our Google Ads program covers a wide range of topics, including

Why are Google Ads Skills Crucial?

Career Opportunities

Google Ads proficiency opens diverse marketing, advertising, and analytics roles.


High demand

Businesses invest in Google Ads, increasing demand for skilled professionals, resulting in more job opportunities

Creative and Challenging

Mastering Google Ads boosts brand visibility, website traffic, and sales.


Google Ads skills apply across industries and job roles, enabling diverse career paths.

Benefits of Attending
Online Training

Flexible Learning

Take courses at your own pace, in the convenience of your own home or workplace.

Interactive Sessions

Participate in Q&A sessions and live discussions with seasoned Google Ads experts.

Accessible Resources

Use the internet as a source of ongoing education and training.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with people who share your interests and build your professional network.

Exclusive Solutions That Set Us Apart

Online Live Batch

Real-time instruction from experienced instructors, allowing questions, discussions, and feedback.

Review Class

Improve understanding, prepare for exams, review concepts, practice, and receive feedback.

Lifetime Support

Offer post-graduation job search, industry insights, and ongoing career support.

Career Placement Support

Achieve desired job post-graduation through resume, cover letter, interview skills, and employer connections.

Virtual Internship

Experience real-world projects, learn skills, and build a resume.

You are not the first one to take this Program

Read testimonials from our satisfied clients who have benefited from our Google Ads training programs.

Why We Are the Best ?

Custom-fit certifications for knowledge seekers, with qualified instructors, dedicated staff, and 24/7 helpline, ideal for growth and learning.

Student-Centric Approach

We prioritize success through personalized counselling and guidance.

Best Price Guarantee

Discover superior value in the marketplace; send lower price offers for a competitive price.

Expert Instructors

Learn insights from experienced digital marketing professionals.

Proven Results

Our training empowers students to excel in their careers.

Need Help?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can join the Google Ads Masterclass Training?

Our Google Ads Masterclass Training caters to graduates and 12th-grade students seeking job opportunities in digital marketing, catering to all skill levels, regardless of experience.

Who can benefit from the Google Ads course?

Google Ads course enhances digital marketing skills for recent graduates, job seekers, and career expansion in the marketing field.

What are the available delivery methods for the training?

We offer two delivery methods for our SEO Masterclass Training:

  • Online Training: Attend virtual classes from anywhere with the flexibility to adjust your schedule.
  • Corporate Workshops: Customized workshops for companies looking to improve their team's google ads skills.

What will I learn in the Google Ads course?

Our Comprehensive course covers Google Ads, keyword research, ad creation, campaign management, bid strategies, and performance tracking.

What makes Kalpavriksha's training unique?

Kalpavriksha encourages building a successful career. With proper guidance and knowledge of interests , our expert team encourages students to pursue their passions and find their real profession.

Do you provide job placement assistance after the training?

Yes, We help students get jobs by using our industrial relationships to help them locate positions that match their talents.

Why are Google Ads skills important for my career growth?

Google Ads proficiency is highly sought after by employers for diverse digital marketing, advertising, and analytics roles, driving business success.

Learn skills that get you a job today!

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