Start A Career In Content Marketing

Start A Career In Content Marketing

Content marketing includes valuable content creation, distribution, and promotion of content. The various forms of content include blog posts, videos, social media posts, and many others like videos, podcasts, etc. The main objective of content marketing is building brand awareness, establishing authority, and driving profitable customer actions like purchases or subscriptions. 

Why you should pursue a career in Content Marketing? 

A career in content marketing can be fruitful for one if he/she has the right amount of skills. The content marketing industry has gone up by 27% in terms of profit and has grown around 16% since the year 2017. A lot of people with a change in their career paths have opted for the content marketing career, due to its broad nature with minimal requirements. Apart from that, content marketers from all across the globe, will all sorts of experience levels earn a hefty amount of salary. 

Is a Career in content writing right for you? 

Here are a few indicators that may tell content marketing is the right path for you: 

  • Creativity: Content marketing demands creative thinking. In this field, storytelling enthusiasts will always perish. 
  • Communication: Skilled writers and those with good communication skills are the best for the role. Ideas must be communicated well through their posts on social media. 
  • Adaptability: Adaptability is the second next important thing for the role. Those who can adapt to new tools and techniques, while at the same time delivering the same quality of content will be successful in this field 
  • Analytical Skills: Analyzing data is part of content marketing’s successful measurement. Those providing great insights and working well with numbers, this field can make you a lot of money. 

How to start a career in content marketing 

Content marketing can be adopted by anyone since it requires strategic thinking and is not related to your specific academic background, therefore, you must think strategically to succeed. Here’s how you can start a career in content marketing: 

  1. Gaining Knowledge: Explore the field by taking online courses related to marketing, communications, or journalism. Programs like this help you build a strong foundation. 
  2. Building a Portfolio: A portfolio of your work may be developed by creating a personal website, maintaining social media profiles, or by gathering suitable work experience. 
  3. Networking: Connecting with your colleagues in the industry, attending webinars, and joining online groups can help you grow in content marketing. Creating connections in the corporate world is extremely important. 
  4.  Internships and Entry: Level Positions: To get started in this field with no experience, search for openings at marketing agencies, startups, or businesses that require people at entry level or those who allow internship positions. This will help you grow your experience.  
Skills you’ll need in a Content Marketing Career 

To succeed in the field of content marketing, you’ll need a diverse skill set, including: 

  1. Writing: Skilled writing is the first necessity in this career field. One should be able to produce engaging that can directly connect with the target audience and should be persuasive too. 
  2. SEO Knowledge: The key to making content highly visible online is through understanding the basics of SEO. 
  3. Social Media Management: Getting familiar with Social media platforms, along with content creation skills is also vital. One who is up to date with the trends followed currently online will always be in profit.  
  4. Analytics: With analytics tools, proficiency in tracking content performance and making informed choices through data analysis gets easier and better. 
  5. Creativity: Content creation that stands out in an ocean of digital content, requires thinking beyond traditional boundaries and continuously coming up with new creative ideas. 
Main Job roles in content marketing 

There are a variety of job role possibilities that exist within content marketing, which can help you match your career to your passions and talents. Some common roles include: 

  1. Content Writer/Creator: A content writer’s main role is producing various forms of content; including blogs, articles, videos, landing pages, etc. 
  2. Content Strategist: The main objective of a content strategist is planning of content and focusing on audience involvement and commercial targets. 
  3. SEO Specialist: A SEO specialist works on content optimization, to boost the visibility in search results by targeting search engines, therefore generating more click rate. 
  4. Social Media Manager:  A social media manager is responsible for managing and creating engaging content for social media, where mostly brands grow their online presence. 
  5. Content Analyst: A content analyst is a person who improves content strategies through data analysis and measuring performance based on several other factors. 

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