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Discover and unlock your full potential with our comprehensive range of digital marketing assessments. Welcome to our digital marketing website, where your dream career journey begins!

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We believe that having access to the right knowledge at the right time is crucial in order to seize the right opportunities. Discover the most up-to-date information on courses, careers, and emerging specializations in the field.

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Utilize our vast knowledge and experience in the field to steer the ever-changing view of digital marketing. Connect with our expert strategists for guidance and support.

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Our Most Popular Programs

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Improve online visibility, content optimization, and website rankings through SEO techniques.

Google Ads

Explore Google Ads' targeted advertising for measurable results and brand exposure.

Content Marketing

Develop compelling content strategies for audience engagement, credibility, and customer loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

Utilize social platforms for engaging content, audience connections, and brand awareness.

English Speaking and Personality Development

Enhance Polish communication, confidence, and personality through personalized programs.

WordPress Development

Develop dynamic WordPress websites and blogs with design, functionality, and customization.

How does career counselling work?

Most students face challenges during the selection of an appropriate academic discipline, course, educational institution, or study destination. Career counselling plays a key role in providing individuals with the necessary guidance and support to make informed decisions about their career trajectory.

Our Career Counsellor helps you with guidance programs based on their extensive professional experience, which includes demonstration of comprehensive industry trends and utilization of a strategic perspective that aligns with your individual needs and goals.

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Measures work values, cognitive abilities and personality traits for creation of personal, social and professional growth.

  • Spatial Visualization Numerical
  • Understanding Creativity
  • Linguistic Ability
  • Perceptual Speed and Accuracy
  • Mechanical Comprehension

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IQ Test

A standardised way to measure the human intelligence and capability as per their age and acquired learning.

  • To understand the skills like logical thinking, comprehension, concentration, and analysis.
  • Screening tool to hire employees and understand the overall abilities for organisational functions.
  • Predict academic or occupational achievement.

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Personality Test

Thoughts, behaviour, relationships, emotional regulation and more are decoded and defined:

  • Know the qualities, traits, and actions that will help and build long term relationships
  • Identify a good candidate for a particular work setting or even a social environment
  • Make the most of personal characteristics by understanding self-motivation, discipline, leadership and other soft skills
personality test

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Take a Psychometric Test

Become self aware. A Psychometric Test helps to identify  your Personality, Areas of Interest and Aptitude level.

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Clear the confusion and build a career with confidence, based on personal abilities and current trends.

  • Career Counselling helps you to determine your strengths, weaknesses, learning patterns and interests.
  • From helping you to choose the right board, course, college to choosing the right job, the counsellor guide you in mapping the entire pathway to the desired goals.
  • The role of an education counsellor is to assist the student in choosing the right course that matches the skill set of the student to maximize satisfaction and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is career counselling?

Career counselling is a structured process through which our team of professionals uses their expertise to guide and facilitate important career-related decisions for a student.

Why is career guidance and career counselling important?

Career plays a major role in an individual’s life. It decides where an individual will be and what he/she will be doing in the future. As we spend a part of their life at work. Career counselling helps individuals to identify the right career track and tune their skills to meet the expectations.

Do you provide career counselling online?

Yes, we do. We truly understand that we need to cross geographical boundaries to reach everyone who needs our help. So, Kalpavriksha Academy has customized its methodology to meet the requirements of online platforms.

How can career guidance and career counselling at the right time help me?

Individuals spend major part of their life at work. So, it’s necessary to choose the right career. Career guidance and career counselling helps an individual to identify the right career and mold themselves to meet the career requirements. Thus, career guidance and career counselling at the right time is important.

Why Kalpavriksha Academy is best for right career guidance in india

Career Counselling Is The Subset Of Career Guidance In India. We Assure You That Our Career Counselling Session Will Help You To Gain Optimism Towards Your Life And Career Goals. We Always Try Our Level Best To Provide The Needful Career Guidance To All Of Our Candidates.

Kalpavriksha Academy believes that every student possesses unique abilities, all we need to do is to discover these abilities. On our platform, we always try to live up to this idea and we continuously make efforts to help young minds to re-discover their inner talents and potential. Our immense dedication is what makes us the most reliable career guidance company in India.

How do we select the best career option

The best career is the one that utilizes an individuals talent & interests to create bigger possibilities. When someone embraces a career that truly resonates with them, they unleash their full potential, accomplishing remarkable feats and discovering a profound sense of fulfillment along their unique journey. Always remember, others opinions cannot determine the best career option for you. Listen to yourself, take data driven and expert informed decisions.

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