Free Google Adwords Course In India

Free Google Adwords Course In India

All businesses require support for promoting their product and raising brand awareness, which helps create a mark for their product in the market. Google Adwords offers an online platform to create ads that will reach a larger audience and help drive traffic to your website. To learn how to make Google Ads and set a budget for them, you will need to enroll in a Google Adwords Course in India. This course helps you learn how to advertise online and how to use different targeting methods that will help you reach a larger audience. In this article, you will learn more about Google Ads and how it helps businesses.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform used for promoting your business, selling your products, raising awareness, and increasing traffic to your website. With the help of Google Adwords, you get to create online ads that reach people who are interested in the products and services that you offer. 

Google ads have no minimum spending commitment, which gives you a chance to set and control your budget. You choose where your ads will show up and who they will be visible to and you measure the impact that your ad has. 

Benefits of Google Ads Course in India 

Google Ads help you create ads and change your campaigns at any time. This flexibility is why it is used by almost all businesses to promote their products to a larger and more diverse audience. 

Here are some benefits that you get from Google Ads Course: 

  • With the help of Google Ads, you get to be specific about your target audience and select the ones who get to see your ads and the others to whom they won’t be visible.
  • Through Google Ads, you are charged only when someone clicks on your website. The higher the clicks, the less amount per click is charged. 
  • Google Ads helps you measure the performance of your ads and compare the campaigns that have offered the most results. 
  • With Google Ads, you can advertise your product through multiple platforms, which increases its reach. 

Types of Google Ads

You must be aware of the different types of ads that you see across different platforms that are used for promoting your product and driving traffic to the website. 

Here are a few types of Google Ads that are important for you to know:

  • Google Search Ads: These are the ads that appear when you search for a query on the search engines. Google search ads are based on keywords, which makes the ads appear when a specific query is searched by a user. 
  • Google Display Ads: Display ads are those that you see as banners, images, or interactive media on websites. These ads help increase brand visibility and drive traffic to their websites. 
  • Google Shopping Ads: Shopping ads give the users a strong sense of how the product will appear, which helps you generate more qualified leads. These ads show users a photo of your product, price, store name, and more. 
  • Google Video Ads: Video ads are a form of online advertisement that shows you a video regarding the product that helps generate more leads. 
  • Google App Ads: App ads refer to the ads that are visible to you when using any application. The app ad campaigns connect you with users across Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, and more. 

What skills do you gain from a Google Ads Course in India?

Google Ads course helps you develop the skills that help create ad campaigns and set budgets while keeping the goals of the company in mind. 

Here are some skills that you learn from a Google Adwords course in India:

  • You learn to create an effective ad campaign that results in generating leads for your business. 
  • Running ads is not enough; one must also know how to track and measure the results of ads to improve in the upcoming ones. 
  • You learn how to identify keywords and target them in such a manner that it brings you more traffic. 
  • You get to develop your effective copywriting skills, which help you hold the attention of the users and resonate with them, which results in increasing conversion rates. 
Why should you opt for a career in Google Ads?

A career in Google Ads means that you get to learn about how to create different advertising campaigns and analyze the results and leads that you generate for the business. 

Here are some key reasons why you should opt for a career in Google Ads:

  • Advertising is a constantly changing industry that creates new opportunities for you to learn. 
  • All businesses, regardless of their size, need advertising for their products, making it a highly in-demand industry. 
  • An effective advertisement helps create visibility for the brand and generate leads for the business. 
  • Because of the continuously changing form of advertising, you always learn new things and improve yourself. 
Choose Kalpavriksha Academy for the Google Ads Course in India

Kalpavriksha Academy offers you the ultimate destination for a Google Ads course in India. With this course, you will learn about creating advertising campaigns, creating a budget for the ads, analyzing the performance of the ads, and generating more leads for the business. We at Kalpavriksha Academy help you gain both practical and theoretical knowledge about Google Ads. 

Here are some key reasons that set us apart from others: 

  • Flexible learning: You get a chance to take the course at your own pace and revisit the concepts more than once from the convenience of your home or workplace. 
  • Interactive sessions: You are encouraged to have interactive sessions with the instructors by having Q&A sessions, open discussions to resolve doubts, and discussions to get feedback. 
  • Accessible resources: We provide you with accessible resources that help you enhance your theoretical knowledge and build a foundation for practical concepts. 
  •  Networking opportunities: You get an opportunity to connect with people who share your interests and build your professional network. 
Connect with us

Google Ads Course teaches you to target specific audiences, set budgets for your ad campaigns, and promote your product through online platforms. To get enrolled in our Google Ads Program at Kalpavriksha Academy, you can get in touch with us

Phone no.: +91 9818703454



Advertising has become a key part of businesses that are looking to promote their products and generate leads for the business. Google Ads helps you develop your skills, learn how to create websites and maintain a budget for the ads. Google Ads Course in India helps you learn practical and theoretical knowledge that will help you go ahead in creating ad campaigns. With Kalpavriksha Academy, you get to learn the basics of Google Ads and get guaranteed career placement support. 

  • What is the duration of your course?

The duration of our Google Ads course is 6 months. 

  • Do you offer a course completion certificate?

Yes, we offer you a course completion certificate.  

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